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My Story


My Story

Despite her success with various side hustles, Sue didn’t find her true calling until she transformed her health and was inspired to help others do the same.


She’d had success with previous entrepreneurial ventures, but none of them had really resonated with her personally. When her husband passed away four years ago, her drive to find purpose and meaning in her life only intensified.

“It was important to find something that really was worthwhile, because I knew that any journey, whether a health, wellness, or business journey, takes a lot of dedication and a lot of focus and I wanted to do that,” she says. Having started her coaching venture at 64 years old, Sue is an inspiration to anyone who has doubts about whether they have what it takes to start a business. “I wanted to show people—and women, especially—that age doesn’t matter. You can still build a business, have a purpose, and work toward that purpose.


"If you haven’t found something that you can believe in yet, keep on looking and don’t give up,” Sue advises.

Just as important, she adds, “look for a community of people that will support you regardless of your age, your gender, whatever, because it shouldn’t matter. The biggest thing is to not give up. Keep on doing it and don’t get discouraged. Anything worthwhile usually doesn’t come easy.”

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